Annual Report highlights people, clients and growth

The origami crane on the front cover is a glimpse into the content of NDY’s 2015/16 Annual Report.

The art of origami is to transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture — this process of transformation and functionality is also the bedrock of engineering design.

The latest annual report from NDY captures the work undertaken by NDY’s people over the past financial year and how they’ve crafted outstanding outcomes for our clients.

This report builds upon the previous three years of our sustainability report, which proved popular with clients, but it was felt that expanding the scope of reporting would allow clients and external partners to gain a greater understanding of NDY’s culture and status.

The Global Annual Report provides a review of our business and how we have created value for our clients over this past financial year. Part of that performance includes a strong emphasis on sustainability, which is a core offering in our services, as well as our internal culture.

Our report has been informed by the International Integrated Reporting Council(IIRC) Integrated Reporting Framework, and has been prepared in accordance with the core level of the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 guidelines — the standard for sutainability reporting worldwide.

Content for the report was prepared by the annual report steering committee, and approved by our Chief Executive Officer and our Global Director of Sustainability. It has also been externally assured and an assurance statement is provided within the document in section 8.3. A GRI content index is available as an appendix in the report

This is the first year that NDY has undertaken an independent assurance assessment of our annual reporting. This independent assessment by ‘Think Impact’ is a significant milestone for a private company.

The work of the NDY Charitable Trust is included in the report and highlights the mission of the Trust for ‘supporting communities in need’.

This evolution of NDY’s annual report reflects our commitment to operate transparently, openly, and to ensure that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of operation and sustainability. Please follow the link below to download a copy.

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