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World Class sporting facilities on the Gold Coast

The new Carrara Sports Precinct is split over two sites and incorporates six major projects including the new Carrara Sport & Leisure Centre (CSLC), Gold Coast Suns Elite Training and Administration Facility (GCS-ETAF), refurbishment of the existing Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium (CISS), new northern elite sport and training fields, new community grade football fields and the upgrade of the existing Carrara Stadium lighting. Games Overlay provisions are also built in to each project as a separate sub-project.

The Precinct has an expected design life span of 40 to 60 years with a combined construction cost in excess of $130 million. With a completion date aimed at mid 2017, the Precinct is being built to world class sporting standards and will be the headline venue for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Events including wrestling, badminton, weight lifting and athletics will be hosted in the precinct.

It is anticipated some 70,000 people will pass through the gates each day during the Games. But the Precinct is not just focused on the Commonwealth Games. Legacy and long term benefit to the Gold Coast is a major driver in design and functionality.

The new 18,000 sq m CSLC includes two 6,000sqm sports halls, capable of hosting heats and finals during Games mode. In Legacy mode the halls are setup for Elite and Community Grade Basketball (14 courts) and Netball (10 courts) and it’s anticipated that the facility will become home to Queensland’s Premier State Representative sporting bodies.

And it’s not just elite sports that are beneficiaries. In addition the entire CSLC facility is furnished with full commercial catering facilities and function rooms overlooking the halls and is set up for major exhibitions and community events. The City of Gold Coast and Queensland AFL will have permanent offices in the facility.

Hall 1 & 2 will accommodate up to 2500 spectators each during games mode, 1500 patrons each during exhibition mode and 5000 & 500 respectively in Legacy mode. A new temporary stand will be built to the northern quadrant of Cararra Stadium to cater for an additional 15,000 spectators bringing the total capacity to over 40,000.

The City of Gold Coast has already secured the 2017 World Badminton Federation Sudirman Cup which will be played in the new CSLC and also has an ongoing annual arrangement to host the Big Day Out music festival.

The overall precinct development involves six stakeholders from asset managers, asset owners, government bodies and major private tenants, who all have a hand in the design outcomes. Add to this a team of two Principal Consultants, eight Consultants and at present one Managing Contactor.

NDY were initially commissioned through the Principal Consultants, being BVN Architects for the Carrara site and Populous Architects for the stadium site. We have since been novated to the Managing Contractor (Hansen Yuncken) for the Carrara site and stadium sports lighting upgrade works. We have also been commissioned for all overlay works and are still commissioned through Populous for the stadium overlay works.

NDY is significant player in the team being responsible for the Building Services which form a major part of the development and are integral to the operation and functionality of the facilities. In essence, we ‘make the spaces work’.

NDY Services:

  • Acoustics
  • Audio Visual
  • Communications
  • Electrical Services
  • Sustainability/ESD
  • Fire Protection and Detection
  • Fire Engineering
  • Hydraulics
  • Mechanical
  • Security
  • Vertical Transportation


Features and Innovations:

  • Sports halls are set up for four modes of ventilation;
    • Full natural ventilation;
    • Hybrid natural ventilation with fan assisted roof ventilators;
    • Full mechanical ventilation utilising smoke spill fans;
    • Full air conditioning (chilled water cooling).
  • Hall air conditioning ductwork and air diffusers configured and selected to ensure maximum 1m/s velocity over fields of play to comply with international Badminton requirements.
  • Sports hall facades and roof incorporate translucent panelling to allow natural daylight when possible.
  • Player amenities incorporate energy efficient point of use instantaneous hot water, activated only when required. Solar hot water with gas backup to permanently occupied spaces.
  • Amenities (WC’s) cater for 4500 spectators with additional WC’s and showers dedicated to athletes, officials and performers during event mode.
  • Potential for rainwater harvesting and Solar PV systems to be incorporated.
  • New home for the GC Suns with a state of the art administration and training facility including fully equipped gymnasium, altitude room and rehabilitation pool.
  • Replacement of outdated metal halide sports lighting to the stadium with new energy efficient LED lighting.
  • LED lighting throughout the new facilities including high bays to the sports halls.
  • Energy metering for all electrical, central chilled water and gas usage.
  • Low load chiller arrangement to serve full time occupied offices only (CoGC, GC Suns). High load chillers for sports halls, only when required.
  • All lifts are Queensland Ambulance Service and BCA stretcher compliant.
  • The new CSLC and all critical services are elevated above the Q100 flood plane (substation, switch rooms, communications rooms, mechanical plantrooms).
  • Undergrounding of overhead HV in front of the neighbouring Westpac rescue helicopter base to allow safer pilot visibility and landing and broaden the flight paths.
  • Full acoustics and pole mounted sports lighting CiD studies undertaken to ensure minimal impact on neighbouring residential properties.
  • Sports hall distribution boards incorporate plug-in type connection points for bump-in generators during event modes.

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