United Kingdom

United Kingdom

In 1998, NDY was presented with the opportunity to establish a presence in the UK. Our client was a major communications system provider establishing a European network to link with their US based network.

NDY’s excellent track record in this sector in Australia provided the base from which our UK presence was launched. From 1999 to 2002, NDY was responsible for engineering services on a range of data centre facilities in the UK and continental Europe.

When the dot.com bubble burst in 2002, the frenetic pace in this market sector of course slowed and for NDY this was an opportunity to diversify in the UK market.

Since 2002, NDY’s London office has been responsible for a diverse range of projects across commercial, retail, residential, education, health and laboratories.

Success in London and demand for services led to the opening of NDY’s Manchester office in 2005.

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