I am pleased to announce the latest round of internal appointments. These appointments recognise the commitment from each of these individuals in serving our clients effectively, delivering technical excellence, and enabling Norman Disney & Young, A Tetra Tech Company, in fulfilling our purpose of Making Spaces Work.
Please join me in congratulating each of the appointees and wishing them ongoing success.

Stuart Fowler, CEO


Laurent Laberibe – Sydney

Laurent joined NDY in 2010. With over 15 years of experience as a consulting engineer, Laurent has gained experience in a wide range of projects within the commercial, retail, education and residential sectors. Laurent’s field of expertise range from due diligence, lease negotiation, briefing, design management, to project and people management.

“I am humbled by this recognition and would like to thank the people I have closely worked with from within the Sydney Office and the entire NDY Group. Working on exciting projects along with remarkable staff has been an amazing experience; I certainly wouldn’t be where I am if not for my colleagues. I look forward to being a Director for the Sydney Office and contributing to the overall success of NDY.” 

Arif Zaher – Auckland

Arif joined NDY in 2004 and is the leader of NDY’s global Acoustic Group and the Auckland Office Manager. Arif leads the acoustic group globally with the responsibility of improving the overall quality and value of the disciplines service across our market sectors. He is also responsible for the Auckland office’s day-day operation, achieving office goals and long term success.

 “I’m pleased to have my hard work acknowledged. I am also thankful and grateful to all those that I have worked with at NDY and who have helped me along the way. I’m sincerely thankful for this opportunity to further develop within NDY and I’m keen to continue contributing to the growth of Acoustics and the broader business in a strategic manner.”

Mark McKenna – Sydney 

Mark is NDY’s Global Sustainability Group Leader and joined the company in 2011.

“I am extremely grateful for this appointment. I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with and have the support from so many staff and friends across the NDY business. I have very much enjoyed my 7 ½ years here at NDY and I look forward to continuing working with you all.” 

Associate Director

    Rhian Chapman – Corporate Sydney  

Rhian joined NDY in 2014 and is our Group Financial Controller based in our Sydney Office, leading our Group Finance team. Before moving across to industry, Rhian worked in public practice where he gained a wealth of experience in audit, business service and tax, across a wide range of industries and companies. Rhian is a Member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK). Rhian’s expertise and contribution is a significant aspect to NDY as a business, thus the appointment.

“I am incredibly thankful to NDY for this recognition. It’s an exciting time for us as a business, becoming part of Tetra Tech and all that comes with that. I am very proud to be part of NDY and the great work that we do as a business. I am looking forward to the future, the opportunities to be won, the challenges to be overcome and the growth of NDY and will continue to support the business in achieving our goals. Finally, I am also highly grateful to the Global Finance teams across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada, without whom the service we provide would not be possible.”

John Carroll – Melbourne

John is the Global Technical Director for VT and manages the Melbourne Vertical Transportation division having been involved in the lift industry since 1979. John is an active member of the CIBSE Lifts Group and a section author for the CIBSE Guide D (Vertical Transportation in Buildings). His expertise in new and emerging lift technologies and his professional relationship with major manufacturers and third-party industry suppliers to the Australian lift and escalator market ensures NDY is able to offer the best advice and solutions for our clients vertical transportation needs.

“My career story is not that of a typical engineer, having come through the ranks of the lift industry to reach Chartered Status rather than taking an academic route. For this reason, the appointment is all the more humbling and wouldn’t have been possible without the experience I have gained working on the amazing projects NDY secures, and without the support of the Melbourne Office team and those I work with in other offices around the globe. We work hard to deliver positive outcomes not only for client satisfaction, but for our continued growth as a company. I’m very grateful for this appointment and the opportunities that NDY has provided me.” 

Michael Markidis – Sydney

Michael works in the Electrical Services Division of NDY Sydney office. Through his extensive experience across a wide variety of projects across Buildings, Transport, Utilities, Mission Critical and Industrial Market sectors he is responsible for assisting in developing technical and practical knowledge within the electrical discipline. Michael particularly enjoys the challenge of major building refurbishments where modern services requirements need to be incorporated into existing building fabrics.

“I’m grateful to NDY and specifically the Sydney Office staff for recognising the work that I do and the contribution I have made. I’m looking forward to continued success in the future both with my own development and the development of the company.”

Kevin King – Sydney

Prior to joining NDY in 2016, Kevin had over 20 years of combined experience in the Oil & Gas industry and Professional Services. Kevin’s expertise in general management and commercial leadership, delivering in the Sydney Office, adds a strong impact to NDY as a business.

“I am delighted with this recognition and would like to acknowledge the support that I have had from both the Sydney Office, and the wider NDY business which has, undoubtedly, made a significant contribution to the achievement of this appointment. I look forward to the challenges and journey ahead and continuing to contribute to the future growth and success of NDY and Tetra Tech.”

Kingsley Boateng – London

Kingsley started with NDY in May 2011. He has a variety of experience across a wide range of projects during his career to date. Kingsley has been extensively involved in electrical systems building services design projects in various sectors within the industry. His experience ranges from Data Centre design (new build and refurbishments) to commercial office fit-outs, mixed-use developments, retail, residential and light industrial.

“I’m grateful for the support and encouragement from my colleagues and the project teams which I have had the pleasure to work with over the past 8years. I am especially grateful to the electrical team, who have supported me throughout the past 4.5 years of the management role.”

Ross Milne – Canberra

Ross is a strategic leader with an impressive track record in project delivery from both an execution and stakeholder management perspective. Ross brings with him exceptional communications skills and an open personality which enables the formation of strong relationships with both clients and colleagues alike.

“This personal success is largely down to the support of fantastic teams I have had the pleasure of working with across multiple offices. Looking forward to a bright future within the organisation as an Associate Director.

Ryan Hahn – Sydney

Ryan has been an engineering consultant for 14 years and started with NDY six years ago as a Senior Mechanical Engineer. He has held various roles within the Sydney Office, most recently NSW Health Sector Leader and major projects Project Leader. Notable projects include Wynyard Walk, St Vincent’s Private Hospital Redevelopment Darlinghurst, Costco Australia roll out and the University of Sydney Nanoscience Hub. Ryan enjoys working on technically and politically complex projects – projects that require a thorough appreciation of stakeholder requirements, detailed, concise and timely communication and coordination in design & construction.

“The six years I’ve been here have been very rewarding and have given me so much opportunity to grow professionally. Thank you NDY, and particularly the Sydney Office, for this recognition.”

Senior Associate 

  John Witzke – Adelaide  

John is an Electrical Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the Adelaide Building Services industry. He has worked on many high profile local and national projects with a proven track record of successful project delivery, attention to detail and a focus on client satisfaction. John heads up the Adelaide office Electrical Discipline and is part of the Adelaide executive team.

“I’m proud to receive this recognition and continue to value my place in the Adelaide NDY team. I look forward to delivering more amazing projects with amazing people that I’m grateful to count as colleagues and friends, locally, interstate and abroad.”

  Lisa Kelly – Melbourne

Lisa joined NDY in 2002, has over 16 years of experience in the industry, and currently manages the Melbourne Existing Buildings team. During her time at NDY Lisa worked in the Fire Engineering team and Sustainability team on a variety of commercial, residential and government projects. She then moved into the Mechanical services area, working in both the Melbourne and Sydney offices, and on to her current role now.

“Throughout my career and time with NDY I have worked with some amazing people who I have learnt so much from and which makes working at NDY so enjoyable.  Thank you all for this appointment.”

  Tim Bush – Melbourne

Tim specialises in providing advice to enhance the ecological sustainability of the built environment across all project stages, including construction and operation – but particularly in the design of buildings and precincts. He’s worked across the office, education, corrections, healthcare, residential, retail, defence, and heavy rail sectors – both in Australia New Zealand and the Middle East. Tim has a passion for cutting edge technologies, integrative design solutions, and performance-based project objectives that genuinely push the industry forward.

“I’m very grateful for the recognition that comes with this appointment. It’s a reflection on the great work my team in Melbourne, and the Global Sustainability Group more broadly, has been doing. Our shared commitment to delivering sustainable and innovative outcomes for our clients has been key to our success, and I’m really excited by the opportunities that are now in front of us.”

Martin Lee – Melbourne

Martin Lee joined Norman Disney & Young in 2013 as a graduate and has dedicated his focus in the past few years within the Interiors market sector. His particular passion is bringing to life the visions and aspirations of tenants in modern workspaces and how NDY can add value to that process.

“I’m grateful of the support from my colleagues and the mentoring and guidance afforded me from senior management. Thank you for this appointment. I will be continuing to strive to provide quality work and seek improvement not only for my professional growth but for the business.” 

Christopher Khoo – Melbourne

Christopher Khoo is currently the Team Lead for the Melbourne NDY Digital team which includes Communications, IT, Audio Visual, Security and Cyber Security. Chris is a senior member of the team with over 10 years of experience in design, project management and implementation of communications and audio visual systems across a wide range of market sectors nationally and globally.

“NDY has offered me continued support through my career development. I am grateful to all who have played their part in providing the ever-evolving balance of guidance, direction, challenges and teamwork. Happy to be a part of NDY and I look forward to our future successes together within NDY and Tetra Tech.” 

   Gabriel Cheung – Sydney

Gabriel has significant experience in the design, documentation and commissioning of Communications, Security, and Audio Visual systems. He is involved in the entire life cycle of a project, from the initial briefing and planning stages through to the finalisation of defects liability; this ensures that his clients achieve the best result from the implementation of technology. Gabriel’s strength lies in his attention to detail and his ability to understand the technical requirements of projects. This technical understanding is subsequently translated to the non-technical stakeholders in a way that they are able to understand to assist in the sign off process.

“I’m sincerely grateful to receive this promotion and want to thank my colleagues for their relentless encouragement and support through the years.”

   Peter Anderson – Sydney

Since joining NDY in 2009, Peter has over nine years of experience as a mechanical engineer. Promoted to Associate in 2016, Peter has led major projects across multiple market sectors where he has been responsible for the overall design and client satisfaction. Peter’s hard work and dedication has earned him the praise and admiration from all his clients and peers alike.

“I would like to thank all NDY staff who have helped me develop my career to date.  It has been a pleasure to work with all of you.  In particular, I thank all of those who have taken time to help develop my career as well as those who have given me the opportunity to grow further.” 

Alex Rich – London

Alex Rich joined NDY’s Mechanical Team in 2013 situated in Melbourne and now leads the Asset Performance team in London working across a number of client portfolios. Since then, Alex has gained a variety of experience delivering specialist projects of all sizes in both Australia and the UK and now acts as Project Leader for a number of multi-disciplinary projects. Alex has always taken a keen interest in training and development of up and coming team members and is an active member of the NDY social scene.

“Many thanks to NDY for all the opportunities that have been made available to me across the business and the support generously offered from all levels. It’s been a great ride so far – looking forward to more exciting projects, growth and success with my team and NDY over the years to come!”

   Nicki Parker – Brisbane

Nicki joined NDY in May 2017 and leads NDY’s Sustainability offering in Brisbane. She is also part of the wider GSG Sustainability Leadership team. With over 12 years in Building Physics and Sustainability consulting, Nicki helps clients to realise their sustainability aspirations by applying her in-depth knowledge of complex principles to practical sustainable design.

“I am very appreciative of this appointment – the support I have had from the leadership team as well as colleagues in Brisbane and further afield has allowed me to really push myself and deliver fantastic sustainable solutions to our clients across Australia.” 

   Michael Bartlett – Auckland

In 2011, Michael joined NDY where he was first involved in the design and documentation of lighting and electrical services on several projects before joining the power group in Perth where he gained extensive knowledge in power design. In 2014, Michael transferred back to the Auckland office and has been working on a variety of building services projects including fitouts, commercial buildings, schools, hotels and more. Michael has been the Auckland Office Electrical Section Head since June 2018.

“I would like to thank NDY for the continued opportunities for growth and development in my career. I am very proud to be part of the NDY team and am sincerely grateful for the recognition by my managers.”

   Nick La Porta – Sydney

Having joined NDY as a graduate in 2006, Nick has over 13 years’ experience working within our Melbourne and Sydney offices. Having delivered numerous successful projects within the Melbourne Office Interiors group, Nick has a thorough understanding of all phases of the project delivery process and of the opportunities available to add value for our clients. During his time within the Sydney office, Nick has worked as both a Lead Mechanical Engineer and Project Leader to deliver several large and highly complex multidisciplinary projects across several key market sectors including Mission Critical, Laboratory, Health and Transport. As a Senior Project Leader, Nick is responsible for management and delivery of major projects whilst maintaining a keen focus on the technical and design process details necessary for ensuring successful project outcomes.

“I am very appreciative of the recognition this appointment represents and extend my gratitude to those who have contributed to and supported this appointment. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside an outstanding group of individuals across several NDY offices over the years and I view this achievement as very much a reflection of the continual support, encouragement and guidance I have received from the people I work with day to day. I look forward to continuing to contribute to the ongoing success of the NDY Group and the opportunities that lay ahead.”


    Craig Kavanagh – Melbourne 

Craig joined NDY in 2015 as a member of the Interiors team which specialises in tenancy fitouts. His experience in electrical building services has enabled him to gain an excellent commercial and technical understanding of many projects along with skills in managing, designing and delivering various quality projects.

“Thank you for recognising and appreciating all my efforts. I’m am very happy with my promotion. NDY has provided me with a wealth of opportunity to flourish as an engineer, project lead and I am very grateful to all my NDY colleagues for motiving me to grow, work harder and smile. I am really looking forward to the future challenges ahead.

    Tony Minhinnick – Melbourne

Since joining NDY early last year Tony has been responsible for managing the Fire Engineering team in Melbourne. Tony has a broad understanding of the principles of fire engineering design which include the complex dynamics of fire growth and smoke development, material characteristics, occupant behaviour, fire safety systems and the response of structural components to fire. Tony is well rehearsed in developing fire safety strategies for developments of all sizes and complexities. This allows him to work collaboratively with design teams, clients and key stakeholders to proactively provide a building design that meets the operational, architectural and regulatory requirements.

“Many thanks for this recognition. I really appreciate the team support and the opportunities provided to me. I have very much enjoyed joining NDY and look forward to contributing to the growth of the Fire Engineering team and the broader company.”

  Tabris Chan – Hong Kong 

Tabris has over 13 years of experience as an Building Service Engineer in Building Services consultant firms in Hong Kong. He has solid background in HVAC engineering and gained adequate experience in electrical engineering while startup of his engineering career. Coming from BSE background, Tabris has developed his specialism into mechanical engineering with HVAC focus, walking through the whole construction projects, from feasibility study, schematic design, detail designs, procurement process, site coordination to project completion.

“It has been a pleasure working with a group of talented individuals and a great management team. I thank NDY for providing me with the opportunity to do what I love to do.  I feel the potential for NDY to succeed in Hong Kong, and the feeling gets stronger every day!” 

    Craig Walker – Sydney 

Craig has recently reached 20 years’ experience in the building services industry, providing BIM and Digital Engineering services across a number of projects both in the UK and Australia. Since joining NDY in 2012, Craig has continued to develop and refine his technical skills in the BIM space, pushing the boundaries in BIM delivery and supporting the Sydney BIM team to achieve excellent standards. He has recently been involved with the delivery of World Square BIM, Circular Quay Renewal Investigation, in collaboration with Coffey and is the Project BIM Manager for One Denison St commercial tower in North Sydney.

“I’m pleased with my appointment to Associate level. The past 6 years at NDY have been challenging and have seen my role & focus adapt to the changing landscape of the NSW BIM & Digital Engineering market. I’m very proud to be part of our new NDY Digital team and I’m looking forward to making an even bigger contribution to NDY’s success in this space and supporting the collaborative delivery of some exciting projects this year.”

    Prasad Surve – Sydney  

Prasad joined NDY’s Hydraulic & Fire Services team towards the end of 2018 and manages the Sydney Hydraulic & Fire services team. He has over 15+ years of building services consulting experience. His in-depth knowledge of hydraulic and fire services provides value to clients and promotes repeat business.

“I’m pleased with this appointment and grateful to NDY for recognising the work that I do and the contribution I have made in such a short time. I’m excited about my future in the company, and all the opportunities that being part of a global firm brings.” 

    William McCulloch – Sydney

Since joining NDY in 2011, William has carried out a variety of complex projects with a specific focus on existing building developments and on assisting clients in the early concept, feasibility and business case stages of projects. William is a Mechanical Team Leader in the Sydney office and the NSW Education Market Sector Leader.

“I am very grateful for this appointment which would not have been possible without my excellent team and the mentorship I have been provided with. Thank you to all those around me who inspire me and drive me to do my best.” 

    Scott Whitmore – ECS Sydney

Scott is an integral part of the ECS team. He brings a wealth of experience from technically-complex industrial projects from his previous role as a Control Systems Engineer. He has managed and implemented the technical development and commissioning services of a large variety of projects, including critical industrial mining operations, renewable energy projects, shopping centre redevelopments, and data centre integrated testing.

“I am fortunate that working with ECS provides an abundance of opportunities to work with diverse range of people and projects. I enjoy the technical challenges that comes with my progressing my career with ECS and have had the privilege of working along-side inspiring individuals willing to share their experience and expertise.”

    Catarina Nava – Brisbane

Catarina leads the Hydraulic Services team in Brisbane and is a senior engineer with over 12 years of experience working in Australia and Portugal across a wide variety of market sectors. She promotes the implementation of sustainable solutions in various aspects of the project and her main focus is to achieve client satisfaction through high quality documentation within the established deadlines.

“I am delighted to have my efforts recognised with this appointment. I am extremely grateful for the support from my all my colleagues and manager to take on new challenges and look forward to continuing to contribute to the success of NDY.” 

  Leigh Gibb – Perth

Leigh is a Senior Sustainability Consultant with NDY providing technical leadership to facilitate team collaboration on her projects to deliver positive environmental and social outcomes. Leigh is a Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP) and has various exposures to sustainability from marketing through to Research & Development. Leigh has been working on Green Star projects for over 10 years and her role in the Global Sustainability team includes responsibilities for sustainability benchmarking using various tools such as Green Star, ISCA, NABERS, etc. Leigh has led bespoke Sustainability Strategy development including stakeholder engagement processes and coordination of these strategies within the project team. Leigh has experience successfully implementing climate change impact risk assessments, adaption and designed resilience programs on a range of projects across Australia to assist projects in the adaptation and resilience of their assets and business to the effects of projected climate change.

“This appointment means a lot to me, personally, as it recognises dedication and commitment even in a limited capacity through changing life circumstances. I am grateful to NDY for the opportunities I have received and the amazing colleagues I work with to proudly deliver positive outcomes on our projects and for the wider communities in which we operate.” 

  Francisco Yanez – Wellington 

Francisco brings 10 years of experience in a range of sectors including commercial, manufacturing and hospitals, including BIM. As a Hydraulic Services Engineer and section leader Francisco’s key responsibilities are to manage, ensuring all required outcomes are achieved such as time, budget, project schedule, design and coordination.

“My sincere thanks for this opportunity and recognition. To my peers, manager and support team, I appreciate the time and support given at a professional and personal level and hope to continue improving.” 

  Christopher Wharam – Wellington 

Chris joined Norman Disney & Young in 2011 and is currently the Section Manager for Acoustics in the Wellington Office.Chris has extensive project experience across all stages of acoustic design with significant involvement in construction verification. He has worked in a wide variety of sectors with particular focus on commercial, residential, health, retail and entertainment sectors.

“I am delighted to be appointed in this new role and am very grateful to my colleagues for the recognition. I will continue to work hard to contribute toward achieving our goals as a company.”

  Charles Duffy – Vancouver

Charles joined NDY in 2017 as a member of the Asset Performance team that specializes in delivering modernization and performance improvement solutions to existing buildings.

Charles transferred to the NDY Vancouver office in January 2018 where he leads the interiors team, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge in delivering multi-disciplinary tenant improvement and renovation projects in existing buildings. Charles also leads the team on 400 West Georgia, an iconic 25 floor office tower in downtown Vancouver which broke ground in December 2018.

“It has been a whirlwind journey for me between Melbourne and here in Van. I really appreciate the team support and opportunity that has been shown to me along the way. Looking forward to building the team here further as an Associate.

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