Benita Husband
Director of Strategy
Director of Markets & Clients

NDY director elected to Deputy President at Engineers Australia (Vic)

NDY Director — Strategy, Markets & Clients Benita Husband has been elected as Deputy President of The Victoria Office of Engineers Australia for 2019.

Engineers Australia is the largest and most diverse body of engineers in Australia. As Australia’s principal engineering association, it serves and represents around 100,000 professionals at every level, across all fields of practice. Engineers Australia is committed to advancing engineering and the professional development of our members.

 “It’s particularly exciting to be involved in the Victorian Division committee as we have an exciting year ahead,” says Benita. “We have the World Engineering Conference being hosted in Melbourne, the 100-year anniversary of Engineers Australia, and of course lots of infrastructure development continuing in the state.”

The Victorian Office is active in developing public policy and engaging with public and private partners across the industry. The major activities of the office also include Fellow membership and Engineering Executive celebration, International Women’s Day celebrations and a variety of awards including the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards (AEEA) Victoria.

The Victoria Office is governed by the Division Committee, which is responsible for the overall management of the Division in accordance with the Rules of Engineers Australia. Benita has been on the Committee for 2018 and has enjoyed collaborating with others in the industry to highlight and enhance the reputation of engineering as a resource and as a profession within the state.

“I enjoy working with the Committee and the office to advocate for the engineering profession, and particularly to raise the profile of STEM and diversity & inclusiveness. I’m a Chartered Fellow and have been involved with Engineers Australia as a member and volunteer over the last 20 years.”

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