World Environment Day 2014

Norman Disney & Young is a private firm of consulting engineers with offices in Australia, NZ, Asia, UAE and the UK. Accordingly, our staff is made up of individuals from a cross cultural and geographic mix with some of these individuals originating from small island developing states (SIDS).

To celebrate World Environment Day 2014, and to raise awareness of the plight of many SIDS, we have created a video which includes stories from some of these individuals. From Mauritius and Indonesia to Tonga and other islands, 6 of our staff have given us their personal accounts of how life has changed for their island home, and the impact on those family members still living there.

As consulting engineers with a focus on sustainable outcomes and energy reduction, we are strong supporters of World Environment Day at both a corporate and individual level. By supporting World Environment Day we believe that even the smallest actions can result in positive impacts.

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