Eastland Connected CentreEastland Shopping CentreRingwood, Victoria

The $665 million Eastland Stage 5 Redevelopment was a part of QIC GRE’s vision to transform Eastland Shopping Centre into one of Melbourne’s most progressive and exciting urban shopping, entertainment and leisure destinations.

QIC partnered with NDY to respond to the business problem of providing a latest generation ICT infrastructure and exploring opportunities for revenue return.

The project delivers a world-class Digital Retail programme through a cost-efficient Integrated Communications Network (ICN) to the whole Eastland site, allowing revenue generation and operational systems to work together to maximise operational efficiency.

NDY was involved in the project from conception to delivery in the areas of Business Planning and Design and delivered the following services:

  • Business planning, options analysis and revenue forecasting. Design of the following services:
    • GPON ICN, WLAN (WIFI), VOIP & Unified Communications, Digital Signage and Wayfinding, Audiovisual & Video Conferencing, car park management systems, Pedestrian counting, Real time locating systems, Retail analytics, IPTV and DAS.
  • Technology Project Management including:
    • Secondment to the QIC team, solutions engineering and Integration, budget and value engineering, delivery assurance & risk mitigation, project management and retailer engagement.

The result is a Connected Centre which delivers a sophisticated retail analytics system through the use of integrated WiFi and Bluetooth-beacon RTLS systems, integrated with video-analytics platforms and custom applications. This provides real-time analysis of pedestrian traffic, customer demographic, and customer path to purchase and in-centre journey.

Through adopting a risk-based delivery approach and in consultation directly with in-centre retailers, NDY was successful in mitigating construction delivery risk to ensure that every single retailer was connected to the QIC GPON on the scheduled Opening Day.

Other Project Information:

Construction value: $665 million

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